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100+ Get-to-Know-You Questions That Don’t Involve Desert Islands

By | Kat Boogaard |

You’re standing at a party where you only know the host or maybe that one friend who always ends up running “just a few minutes late,” and you can’t think of a single thing to say to the people near you. Or maybe you’re working with a new group on a project at work, or you’ve matched with someone on Bumble and now you’re staring at a blank message screen.

Let’s face it—it can be tough to think of a conversation starter that goes beyond, “What’d you do this weekend?” or, “It’s a little cold today, isn’t it?” 

So we’ve put together a list of get-to-know-you questions that dig a little deeper and will actually teach you something about people—or at least get a conversation going. After all, does anybody really care about your packing preferences for that hypothetical desert island?

Throw out a couple of these prompts (many of which we actually use right here at The Muse) at a team meeting or party when the small talk lulls and get ready to bond on a whole new level.

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