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100+ Icebreaker Questions—So You’ll Never Have to Think of a “Fun” Fact Again

By | Regina Borsellino |

How many times have you been in a meeting or new group setting and had to share a “fun” fact about yourself? After a while, it gets pretty tiring. If you struggle when put on the spot, it might even cause anxiety. So instead of something so broad, you might suggest using a more specific icebreaker question at your next meeting.

“Icebreaker questions can help bring people together and foster a sense of engagement” right from the start of an event, says Muse career coach Ravi Raman. And that’s crucial, as low levels of engagement can lead to wasted time and worse outcomes in whatever the group is looking to achieve from their time together. (Have you ever sat in awkward silence waiting for one of your colleagues to speak up about a question or topic first?) And video meetings can make it especially challenging to get people talking and foster a deeper connection between attendees, Raman says. Plus, members of different demographic groups might find it harder to speak up during meetings—whether they’re in-person or remote.

Icebreaker questions get everyone talking up front and learning more about each other, “which will make any meeting go more smoothly and help to get to better outcomes at the end,” Raman says. Good icebreaker questions will also be genuinely fun and easy to answer, and they’re not so broad that people will worry about giving the “right kind” of answer.

We’ve come up with a list of 105 icebreaker questions to use at your next meeting or other group event. 

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