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11 Afternoon and Evening Routines That Will Make You Much More Productive Tomorrow

Source | Linkedin | John Rampton | Entrepreneur

Want to know the secret to any success? It’s having a routine. Daily routines do more than provide structure to our lives. These routines can help us save time, money and prioritize in a way that will make a difference success. What’s more, routines make us more efficient, reduce stress and help achieve our most important goals.

Routines are incredibly important, but we often believe the only focus should be on creating morning routines. While that’s definitely a step in the right direction, afternoon and evening habits and routines are equally important. The following eleven routines will make you more productive at work and life.

1. Stop while you’re ahead

I’ve been guilty of this for years. I rush to complete a task before lunch so that I don’t have to worry about it later on — because there are a million other things to do. However, a lot can be gained if you press pause.

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