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11 Buzzwords To Retire In 2018 – And Be A Better Manager For It

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Forget cleaning out your closets or cleaning up your diet.

Make 2018 the year you clean up your communication.

Ditch the clichés and buzzwords. Put meaning and credibility back into what you say – and what you write. You’re sure to get better results if you do.

Here are 11 all-too-popular workplace words and phrases that have seen their day come and go – and why you really do want to make a point of putting them to rest this year.

1) Synergy

Technically, it’s the combined power of a group of things that, when working together, are greater than the power of each working separately. In other words, the sum is greater than the parts. In office speak, it’s an overused, empty word for teamwork.

2) Alignment

Getting people, products, processes, and plans in alignment are just common sense for the workplace. It’s a fancy way of saying efficiency. But saying it doesn’t make it easier – or fancier.

3) Dynamic

It means “characterized by constant change, activity or progress.” It’s generically overused to describe teams and projects, instead of describing their specific value and benefits.

4) Organic

It’s used to describe growth, group sessions, idea generation – anything that’s not done under common procedures. Truth is, leaders and employees should always be coming up with new ideas and growth, so there’s no need for the organic moniker other than to try to make it sound holistically avant-garde (which it isn’t in 2018).

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