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11 habits of highly motivated people

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Motivation is the fuel that runs the vehicle moving towards your goals.

In contrast to what others are led to believe, motivation isn’t something that comes and goes when you’re in the mood to work for your future.

Motivation is something that’s generated, found, and sustained.

Instead of requiring so many things just to be motivated, all you need to do is change your habits and mindset to keep yourself on the right track.

Here are the 11 habits that highly motivated people have developed:

1) They Consistently Look For Their “Why”

We always come back to the very foundation of motivation: our purpose.

Having a reason for doing certain things in your life will always be a strong foundation for keeping yourself upright and chasing your goals.

So it’s important to always determine why you even do things in the first place.

I have friends who, despite all of their talents, have lost sense of why they’re doing the things that they do.

Despite their capabilities, they seem to have no intent on making use of their gifts because they don’t get why they should bother with it.

This is exactly why purpose gives us that push to keep doing what we’re doing – with passion and meaning.

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