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11 personality traits that show you’re a smart woman

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Don’t be fooled, intelligence isn’t something you’re simply born with.

It’s also something you cultivate.

A smart woman is able to learn, remember and put what she knows to good use.

She uses her intelligence to solve problems and quickly adapt to new situations.

Here are the personality signs that show you’re a smart woman…

1) You’re wise enough to let sh*t go

Let me ask you something:

Who is smarter…

The person who knows they are right and argues until they are blue in the face?

Or the person who prefers to let it drop?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to stand your ground at times.

The world needs people who will stand up to injustice and try to right wrongs.

But often, that’s not what is happening when we find ourselves stubbornly arguing over things that don’t really matter.

As spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle once asked:

“Is it better to be right or happy?”

A smart woman knows that it can be in everybody’s best interest to let sh*t go.

That doesn’t just mean pointless conflict.

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