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11 Promises Highly Successful People Make to Themselves Every Day

Source |Linkedin .com  |  BY:Zeta Yarwood – Career Coach and NLP Life Coach (BSc Psychology)

According to the WHO, the average life expectancy of a human being in a developed country is 76.8 years. I am currently 36.6 years old. So if these stats are correct, I have approximately 40.2 years left before I cark it.

Now I don’t know about you but I want to live the rest of my life as happy, and healthy, and as successful as I possibly can. Making sure those 40.2 years I have remaining are extraordinary.

People often ask me what does it take to be successful. “If there was one thing all successful people have, what would that be?” And I always give the same answer. Hunger. Hunger to be more. Achieve more. Contribute more. Live more. Love more. Whatever their definition of success is, they want to do more of it.

With that hunger comes commitment. Commitment to not just do the best they can but to be the best they can.

Here are 11 promises highly successful people make to themselves every day, to live an extraordinary life:

1)   I will always respect myself – and others

Successful people know self-respect is the cornerstone to health, wealth and happiness. They choose every morning to know their worth. To always value themselves equal to others. Not superior or inferior, but equal. They respect their minds and their bodies. They speak to themselves with positivity. Encouragement. Compassion. Passion. They eat a balanced, nutritional diet, exercise regularly and rest. They find time to do the things that make them happy.

The moment we have self-respect – we naturally respect others. Appreciating everyone has different values and opinions and respecting those differences.

2)   I will always live by my definition of success – not someone else’s

For years I was confused about my definition of success. The world was seemingly telling me success was fame, business and wealth. But none of those things motivated me. So with no desire for wealth and fame – would that mean I would never be or feel successful?

After my trip to Bali, I gained clarity on my definition of success. Success for me is not about money or achievement. Success for me is about experience, growth and contribution. Experiencing the things important to me (love, travel, making a difference, nature, adventure etc.) and helping others. And most of these experiences don’t require a huge amount of money. I don’t need to own a yacht to experience being on a yacht


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