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11 signs you have a vibrant and bubbly personality

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All personality types have some amazing qualities. But sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find them.

With the vibrant and bubbly personality, though, it’s immediately apparent that you’re a person who lights up the room wherever you go.

Wondering if you have this personality? Here are 11 signs you do. 

1) You’re always smiling

Are you always smiling? This is the first sign you have a vibrant and bubbly personality.

I have a friend like this. Honestly, she even smiles when she’s complaining or telling someone off! 

Though not every vibrant person takes it that far, it’s true that you tend to look at the bright side of life and take every opportunity to make life a positive experience.

2) You love being around other people

You know those memes about not wanting to socialize? That’s the complete opposite of a vibrant and bubbly person.

On the contrary, you love the company of others. 

Whether it’s at work, at home, or in your free time, you tend to gravitate to where other people are. It fills you with energy and you help energize others at the same time.

3) You keep conversations flowing

Some people are easy to talk with – it just keeps flowing with no awkward pauses or uncomfortable silences. If this describes you, you’re clearly a vibrant and bubbly person.

I have a few friends like this, and sometimes when we meet up they could do all the talking for me too! Sometimes all I do is ask a few questions or offer a few comments here and there.

But I’m not complaining — far from it! These friends always have very interesting stories to tell and it’s always a pleasure talking to them.

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