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11 Simple Habits that Will Help You Achieve Anything You Want

Source | LinkedIn : By Bernard Marr

What do you want to achieve today? Maybe you have a big audacious goal for this week, month or year. Whatever it is from a business goal to a personal, health or fitness achievement, there are 11 simple habits that you can use to achieve anything you want. Commit to any of these simple habits and you just might become a master at getting things done.

Simply start

Oftentimes, overcoming the inertia of no action feels like a monumental task. So, stop the procrastination and the mind games and take action, even if it’s just the smallest step forward. One trick to do this is to give yourself a countdown from 5 (5-4-3-2-1) and when you get to zero, it’s time to blast off!

Visualize the finish line

Another key to achieving anything you want is to imagine what you will feel like once you have achieved your objective. When you start with the end in mind, it can help motivate you because your desire to achieve the goal—and the way you feel after achieving it—makes you want to take action.

Schedule time

Schedule time in your calendar to take action on the goal you wish to achieve. You should treat an appointment with yourself as important as you would an appointment with your boss. Don’t push it off, don’t double book and definitely be prepared.

Schedule it for the right time

When you plan out your schedule, you need to focus on your most important tasks—the tasks that will help you achieve what you want—first. Also, high achievers are those that know when they are most productive, and schedule those important tasks during that time.

Master minutes

Another habit that is very useful to accomplish anything you want is to master the minutes of your day. There’s nothing more valuable than time, and the way you use the 1,440 minutes you’re given every single day is important. If you focus on hours it’s really easy to lose sight of valuable minutes that are wasted every day.

Recruit an accountability partner

When you are trying to reach a goal, it’s often helpful to get an accountability partner to help keep you on track and who will push you to keep going even when you are frustrated, hit a roadblock or lack motivation. These mentors can provide the push you need to keep you progressing in spite of any obstacles.

Reward yourself

All work and no play isn’t a recipe for success. When you make it a habit to reward yourself for achieving milestones on the way to a goal, it is extremely beneficial. Seeing a reward is within reach can push you to keep moving forward.

Always carry a notebook

If you have a notebook with you all the time, you can free your brain from to-do lists or the burden or trying to remember your next big idea, today’s appointments or any other items that clog your brain and cause it to work less efficiently to achieve your goals. Extract the minutiae from your mind and you will find you’re much more productive on the way to achieving your goal.

Consistent morning routine

There’s not one formula for a morning routine that works best for everyone, but it is important for you to find a morning routine—or habit—that works for you. This might include journaling, having a healthy breakfast, exercise or meditation. Whatever it is, a consistent morning habit is one that will set you on the right path for achievement.

Get a coach

Whether it’s a coach or a mentor, it’s important to seek guidance from others who can help you achieve your goals. You can learn from their expertise and they can also keep you accountable and help you design a plan to keep you moving toward your goals.

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