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11 things managers should never say to their team (and what to say instead)

Source | | Barbara Davidson

How would you describe your management style? So much emphasis is put on what divides ‘good managers’ from ‘great leaders’ that we often fail to notice how one-sided both of these terms can sound in the workplace.

Instead, managers are discovering that ‘coaching-style’ leadership brings out the strengths in a team by focusing on constructive feedback and asking questions instead of giving orders.

Research has shown that businesses who use coaching techniques towards their employees have been able to boost worker engagement and productivity by around 12%.

And 4 out of 5 of those on the receiving end of this approach report that they are working, communicating, and feeling better – with noticeable boosts to their productivity and business management strategies.

It’s no wonder coaching is fast becoming the ‘next big thing’ in management methods, with 65% of organizations planning to expand their coaching strategies over the next half-decade.

But there’s no need to mystify coaching-style leadership by labeling it as a complex new technique. While some companies are bringing in external coaches to boost performance, making the coaching style work for your business requires first and foremost a change of mindset and the development of a more open workplace culture.

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