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11 things people with a growth mindset never do

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The words “growth mindset” (and its counterpart, “fixed mindset”) are big buzzwords nowadays.

And for good reason — people with this mindset tend to be much more successful and happier in life. 

So you may have asked yourself how you can cultivate more of a growth mindset yourself. 

First, it’s a great idea to look at any behaviors you’re doing that hold you back. So here are 11 things people with a growth mindset never do. 

1) Give up because they’re not good at something

If you’re a human, there are surely many things you are good at, and probably just as many things you’re bad at.

What do you do with the bad things? Do you avoid doing them whenever possible, even if you secretly wish you could be good at them?

Or do you welcome opportunities to try to learn and grow in those skills?

If it’s the second option, you have a growth mindset.

Of course, you don’t need to work on every little thing you’re not particularly talented at. I’m not really good at doing makeup, but I also don’t have much of an interest of being good at it.

Spending hours practicing something you don’t care much about would be a waste of time. But if there’s something that interests you, don’t give up just because you’re not good at it — *yet*. 

2) Worry about making mistakes

The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset — this means you believe that your talents and skills are fixed, and there’s nothing you can do to get better. 

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