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11 Things to Never Say at Work

You know better than to say racist comments, spew blatant sexual harassment, and discuss politics in the workplace, but there are plenty of circumstances where knowing what to say at work is a gray area. Here, psychologists tell you what to never say at work and why

By | Diana Kelly Levey |

“We should unionize”: keep that on the low for now

Sometimes, things sound perfectly fine in your head but don’t go over well once you surrender them to the earspace of an entire conference room. These expert tips, by experts, for soon-to-be experts, will help you avoid saying something that might land you in a sticky situation at work. If you need to find a new job, these are the soft skills all hiring managers are looking for.

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Anything in a meeting you wouldn’t want to read in print

“I always advise my clients to talk as if everyone is listening because in today’s world, pretty much everybody is listening.” says Ben Dattner, PhD, organizational psychologist and executive coach at Dattner Consulting, LLC in New York City. “Whatever you’re saying, ask yourself if would you want to read that attributed to you in the Wall Street Journal or other print newspaper?” Dattner says. “In general, you should steer clear of making references to religion, politics, or people’s physical appearance, or anything that could be construed as disrespecting somebody, categorizing them, or stereotyping them,” says Dattner.

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