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11 Time Management Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Source | LinkedIn | John Rampton | Entrepreneur

Do you feel like you’re working all the time but not producing the results you desire? You’re not alone. It’s a problem that a lot of talented entrepreneurs must overcome. Unfortunately, some people, as a last-ditch effort, embrace time management techniques that only add to the time mismanagement struggle.

Avoid these 11 common time management traps that most entrepreneurs make. Learn ways that you can conquer the mismanagement of time — and you’ll rectify this headache.

1. Denying you have a time management problem.

I’ve occasionally told myself, “If only I had more time I could have gotten to X, Y, and Z.” Of course, we can’t have more than 24 hours in a day, so why waste our mental energy griping about this issue?

“Complaining that there is not enough time will never create more time. It just makes you feel better for a moment,” John Mashni wrote in a Medium article. “But it hurts you tremendously. Complaining about the lack of time prevents you from facing reality: something is broken.”

Stop saying that you don’t have enough time to complete your commitments. Instead, admit that you need to get better at managing your time and start experimenting with techniques that will help you reach your goals.

2. Neglecting to plan out your day.

“It’s important to plan out your day for maximum efficiency. You don’t have to know what you’re doing minute-by-minute, but try to set daily goals including tasks you’d like to complete, then prioritize them in order of importance,” suggestsChoncé Maddox of Calendar, who recommends preparation and brainstorming to save time and energy.

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