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11 Ways To Help Your Job Search In 5 Minutes

Source | | BY:Susan Ricker, writer and blogger

You might have heard the saying, “Looking for a job is a full-time job.” Although a job search needs a lot of attention and focus, it doesn’t need to take up your entire day. If you have a few minutes to spare while you’re sitting on the train or having a cup of coffee, you can improve your chances of finding your next job. A few moments here and there might not seem like a big deal, but over time they add up. Soon you’ll realize your job search is in great shape.

Here are 11 ways you can help your job search in 5 minutes:

1. Replace the objective statement
“Replace the objective statement at the top of your CV with a branded headline that conveys your value to the reader, i.e., ‘Registered nurse committed to providing safe, effective patient care,” says Laurie Berenson, certified master CV writer and founder of Sterling Career Concepts LLC.

2. Connect with your network
“Connect with one person from your network with whom you haven’t spoken in at least one month,” Berenson advises. “Pick up the phone, too –don’t rely on emailing.”

3. Update your social profiles
Keeping your social profiles accurate and fresh serves two important purposes:“First, to keep it current, but also so the activity puts your name in front of every one of your contacts as a network update on their home page,” Berenson says.

4. Conduct research
“A lack of basic understanding of the agency’s mission and/or philosophy shows a lack of preparation and interest,” says Natasha R.W. Eldridge, founding partner and director of human resources for Eldridge Overton Educational Programs.

5. Make your voicemail more professional
“Remove ringtones and silly voicemail recordings from voicemail,” Eldridge says. “I am not going to leave a professional message on the voicemail of an applicant that has music blasting as a ringtone. It shows me that job searching is not a priority.”

6. Prepare for the interview
“Preparation is everything,” says Bruce A. Hurwitz, president and CEO of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing Ltd. “Make up a list of the questions you do not want to be asked; then answer them in the company of a friend. Tell the friend you want honest feedback to make certain that you are giving confident, credible and professional-sounding answers. Once you are comfortable with the difficult questions … you will be more than prepared for the ‘easy’ questions.”


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