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12 High-Paying Jobs That’ll Let You Tap Into Your Creativity

By | Carina Finn |

When you’re a naturally creative individual, job searching can feel particularly challenging. It’s easy to feel like any job that isn’t obviously artistic will force you to either give up an important part of yourself or settle for a low salary—but luckily, that just isn’t the case.

“The truth is that every job can be creative,” says career coach Nina Sasson. “Being creative is about harnessing your attention. You can use your attention to create and build anything no matter what job you have.”

There are obvious choices, including copywriting and graphic design, but no two paths to a creative career are alike. Everything from data analysis to marketing to software development can be creative—it all depends on your perspective. Management and training roles offer a lot of creative opportunities for individuals who are outgoing, have strong communication skills, and are able to think through problems in unique ways. “Effective leaders apply their creativity to bring out the unique potential in those they lead,” says Anne Jacoby, founder and CEO of Spring Street, a consulting firm that specializes in helping to develop creative workplace cultures. 

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