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12 powerful feminine traits that lead women to success

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Achieving success is often viewed as having to be harsh to others — “It’s a dog eat dog world” as they say.

It’s common to hear stories about people backstabbing partners, sabotaging competitors, and intimidating fellow colleagues: all aggressive maneuvers just to come out on top with the biggest paycheck.

It’s an endless thirst for power, one that’s commonly attributed to men.

Because of this, there’s a tendency to view being gentle and kind to others — commonly believed to be “feminine” traits — as a weakness, or “going soft”.

But countless women have proved such traditional notions wrong.

Below are 12 traits to help you learn that being aggressive and brash isn’t the only way to become successful.

1) Putting others before them

At face value, it might sound counterintuitive to put others before oneself in order to become successful; an olympian would never give away the gold to settle for silver.

But life isn’t always a competition.

study has even found that men tend to have more narcissistic tendencies than women. That’s why most men tend to be so unwilling to share their knowledge and help others.

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