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12 rules every successful woman lives by (and never compromises on)

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Ah, the empowered successful woman. Every girl wants to grow up to be like her and men are too scared to approach her. 

She knows exactly what she wants and she isn’t afraid to go and get it. 

Are you a successful woman? 

If you relate to the below rules that successful women live by, then you probably are. 

1. Know Your Why

successful woman isn’t working towards just anything.

Whether it’s to help the less fortunate, empower those around her, or provide a service that makes someone’s life easier, a successful woman knows why exactly she’s doing it.

Given her success, she’s had to face countless difficulties and struggles.

Having concrete why for doing what she’s doing helps her find the strength to keep pushing and overcome her obstacles.

Paraphrasing from the German philosopher Nietzche, “She who has a why to live for can bear almost anyhow.”

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