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12 Rules for Life

Source | LinkedIn | Shyam Ramanathan, PMP,CSSGB,AINS,AU

The 12 Rules for life by Jordan Peterson did resonate with me and has become quite a huge success. It made me come up with my own rules for life. Here are the 12 rules I came up with.

Develop a high appreciation for life – What you appreciate does appreciate more. Only if you develop a deep appreciation for your life will you feel happy and peaceful. You will understand that there is a deeper meaning for your existence. Love your life for what it is and it is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to bring our talents to light.

Appreciate your uniqueness – The fact is even identical twins are not same. This means we are all unique and I can’t be anyone else other than me. Even if I try to be someone else I will only be a poor imitation. So, appreciating the value of our uniqueness is a great starting point to enjoying life more. We are all in the game of life and each of us has a role to play. As they say the jungle is neutral and none of us are insignificant compared to each other no matter what our social status is.  

Uncertainty is the only certainty – The 21st Century demands resilience and navigating through uncertainty. Flexibility is the name of the game and being nimble will ensure you thrive in your career as well.

Never give up –  No matter how rough it gets or how tough it gets we don’t need to quit. Life offers no guarantees and every one of us will have setbacks. However, the true champions never give up and they do stay on a little longer. I don’t mean that you should never stop doing something if it is not working. What I mean here is never give up on you as a person and always stay in the game of life.  

There is always another chance in life – Our lives will be determined by the quality of decisions we make and luck. Sometimes our decisions can be wrong but that doesn’t mean it is the end of the road for us. Reading biographies of people who have overcome enormous setbacks can also help. We should remember that there is never an end unless we think it is.

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