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12 Strengths That Will Help You Be A Better Leader

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Though some may have a natural inclination towards leadership, no one is born a perfect leader. It takes time, effort, and often some failures to develop the right strategies and communication style to effectively guide a group of people, and even after years of practice, you’ll always find ways to improve.

Luckily, most leaders have a few key strengths they can capitalize on to help them along in their journey. Being aware of these advantages allows you to make the most of them while you continue learning the art of leadership. Members of Young Entrepreneur Council each shared one strength they frequently leverage, and how it has served them as leader or business owner.

Members of Young Entrepreneur Council share their insight.


1. Easily Connecting With People 

Businesses are really just people, and they hold the keys to the opportunities you’re seeking. Connect with many people and build rapport quickly. Most people do business with people they like and grow to trust, so investing in people and relationships has been a critical element to my role as a leader and business owner. – Darrah BrusteinNetwork Under 40

2. Making Complex Ideas Simple 

In my 18-year career as an entrepreneur, the most important strength that has brought me the highest returns is my capability to take complex ideas and express them in simple terms. Whether in communicating the product or service you carry, or in how you run your business internally, you will find yourself with having to sell complex ideas. By being able to distill complexity and express it in simple terms, you will more effectively be able to do this. – Diego OrjuelaCables & Sensors

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