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12 Things Disciplined People Do That Bring Them Success

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What makes some people more successful than others?

Or rather, what is the driving force behind their success that other people don’t seem to embody?

That success isn’t limited to financial gain or career advancement, but can also encompass keeping their house clean, or staying in good physical shape.

Generally, people who are successful at the things they do in life share one thing in common: discipline.

But what does discipline mean?

Most people associate that word with other people’s rules, and the punishments that follow if those rules are broken. In this instance, however, discipline is defined by self-control, structure, and order.

Below are some of the main things that disciplined people do that bring them success.

1. They don’t make excuses.

Most people have a litany of excuses as to why they don’t do one thing or another. Either it’s not the right time, or they don’t have the right equipment, or they have to take care of X things first.

Disciplined people know what their priorities are, and they set everything else aside until they’ve taken care of what needs to be done.

If they’ve decided to wash the dishes every evening but one night they want to chill and watch a movie instead, they know the movie can wait. They made a commitment to do this, and that commitment takes precedence over anything else.

If they black out from exhaustion or pain, that’s a different story, but choosing to set aside a priority for the sake of wanting something else more isn’t an option for them.

Similarly, if an obstacle comes up that they didn’t anticipate, they’ll find a way around it and won’t use that obstacle as an excuse not to do something.

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