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12 Things Every Student Should Do in Their Freshman Year of College

By | Madeleine Korn |

The first year of college is the best time to meet new people, make new friends, and learn more about yourself. To have the best freshman year, here are 12 things every college student should do in their first year.

12 things to do your freshman year of college

1. Go to a football game or school sporting event 

Attending a football game or sporting event will truly show you what school spirit looks like. Dress in your gameday outfit, head to the stadium with a couple of friends, and cheer on your team! 

2. Join a club or Greek life

Joining a club is the ideal way to network and gain friends with interests similar to yours. Greek life is another excellent option to find your people as a freshman, and this will also keep you busy with tons of social and philanthropy events. 

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