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12 Things Intelligent People Don’t Say

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Intelligent people know to choose their words wisely. While we all slip up from time to time and say things we regret, for the most part, intelligent people strive to avoid that.

When it comes to what we share or don’t share in public, there are some things better kept to ourselves. Beyond that, some things just shouldn’t be said. Our words have power. Our intentions have power. And intelligent people realize that.

Here are 12 things intelligent people avoid saying in public. (And the rest of us would be better off not saying in public either.)

1. For Your/A statements.

Examples of this for reference are “For a woman, you are such a hard worker,” or “For a man, you are great at keeping up with your household.” Any stereotypical statements are best avoided. Not only are they offensive, but they are also inaccurate.

2. You always or You never statements.

Intelligent people do not speak in extremes. Doing so is not only untrue (because nothing is always or never anything,) it doesn’t leave room for improvement or exclusions.

3. I’m a smart person.

Intelligent people do not walk around yelling about it from the rooftops. Take it from Stephen Hawking, who when asked about his I.Q had this to say “I have no idea. People who boast about their IQ are losers.”

4. This is the way it’s always been done.

Just because something has been done a certain way for so long doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. True intelligence includes having a growth mindset- which means rather than insisting things are the way they are, with no room for growth, you accept that things could be better.

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