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12 things you don’t realize you’re doing because you’re a born leader

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You may not be a boss or manager of any kind (yet), but people have told you that you’re a good leader.

Well, it’s probably true and you just don’t realize it because it comes naturally to you.

Want to know for sure?

Here are some things you don’t realize you’re doing because you’re a natural leader.

1) Reading people’s minds

You can easily tell what’s on people’s minds even before they say anything. As a result, you know how to treat them right and help them.

People would often get impressed (or weirded out) by your ability and ask you “How do you know what I was thinking?!” or “Yes, that’s exactly what I thought! Are you a mindreader?!”

Well, you’re just born more perceptive than the average person.

By being able to make accurate guesses of what’s going on other people’s minds, you have the ability to lead better.

2) Knowing what others need before they say it

Not only do you have the superpower to read people’s minds, you can also sense what they need.

If someone is anxious for a presentation, for example, you’d give them a glass of water and a pat on the back. They’d be surprised at the gesture because they realize it’s what they need to calm down.

If you’re at a meeting and someone looks like they haven’t slept for days, you’d ask “Do you want to reschedule?”

Being able to sense what others need is a big plus for any leader. It allows you to take care of others and even guide them when they’re feeling lost.

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