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12 things you’re doing that successful people avoid

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Success is different for everyone. 

For some, it’s having a high-ranking job or X amount of money in their bank accounts. Others benchmark their relationships. And I know some people who change their definition of success every time they enter a new life stage.

Regardless, there are certain behaviors and habits that you’ll find successful individuals have in common.

So I’m going to let you in on an insider secret: The key to success is focusing on the “don’t do” list.

While you can copy everything a successful person has said and done, don’t forget to pay attention to what they’re not doing.

What exactly do they refuse to do and why?

1) Successful People Don’t Start a Day Without a Plan

Having a game plan is crucial for your trajectory toward success, no matter the endeavor that you’re pursuing.

Without a plan, it’s easy to fall back into the habit of mindlessly scrolling through social media, placing priority tasks on the backburner, and getting sucked into the world of Netflix.

You have a new chance to take one step closer to your goals each day you wake up, so make it count.

Be realistic. Don’t overcommit with your to-do list as this would be counterproductive.

But at the same time, learn how to deal with some road bumps – you won’t always have the perfect day or finish everything you had planned.

If you want to imbibe the “successful person” mindset, don’t let setbacks or even a few seconds ruin your entire day and mood.

2) They Don’t Fall for Distractions

If you reach for your phone every time it dings, you may have a distraction problem.

Social media notifications, emails, texts – all these take away time that you could be using to get into flow state and, ultimately, deep work.

You’ll find that many successful individuals opt-out from these distractions.

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