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12 Tips For Your Sales Communication


From the moment you walk into a room or meet someone one on one, you’re being sized up and judged.

Some researchers speculate that the human brain is hardwired to judge so it can evaluate and interpret important information.We often form complete opinions about people based on quick impressions of their appearance, actions and communication. It’s such an automatic response that most of the time we don’t even realize we’re doing it.Here are 12 ways you may be unconsciously influencing what people think of you:.

How this can Impact your Digital Marketing is also important – All these tips impact your attitudes. Your attitudes do get reflected in your Communication ! Digital or Direct.

1. How you state your opinions.

How you say what you think speaks a lot about how you feel about yourself and how you treat others. Do you leave room for other perspectives? Do you Compare others in your web site? Do you listen as well as speak? Just think How this impacts when you communicate on Digital Platforms ?

2. How often you check your phone.

There are few things more irritating or frustrating than someone sneaking looks at their phone mid-conversation. Unless the circumstances are extraordinary and you’ve explained them in advance–“I’m sorry, my child has been sick so I’m keeping an eye on my messages”–doing so conveys disrespect and impoliteness. Is Your web site Mobile Compliant ?

3. How you handle rejection.

People observe how comfortable you are with hearing “no.” You can be reactive, following your first instinct in the heat of the moment, or you can be responsive, by taking a more measured approach. Being able to handle disappointment well is one of the hallmarks of maturity.What is your rejection rate on Web Platforms ? Do you follow Up ? What communication ? What is conversion rate ?

4. How you manage your emotions.

Don’t let your emotions distract you. It’s fine to display emotion appropriately, but in most situations you should learn to manage your emotions if you don’t want them to manage you.What Technology you Use for display of emotions ? Customer Experiences?

5. How you react to change of plans.

Being flexible and agile shows you can go with the flow and deal well with the unexpected. Be stubborn with your goals but flexible with your methods. How you react or respond when customer do not show up ? You do not get hits as expected?

6. How you handle blame.

People can tell a lot about you by how you handle negative situations. Do you focus on blame or solutions? Do you blame others or take responsibility yourself? Can you let it go?

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