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12 Tricks That Will Help You Read People Like A Pro

By | Niharika Nayak |

When we communicate with an individual, we only receive a certain percentage of all the information through their words. The rest of the information we perceive is through their body language, voice tone, and other forms of non-verbal communication. In fact, you can tell a lot about a person by their body language. So, in order to actually know what those around you are feeling, it’s better to watch their faces and pay attention to the little things that they do. It’s those things that count after all, right? Here are 12 body language cues that are a dead giveaway as to what a person is truly feeling on the inside:

1. Raised And Curved Eyebrows

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This is a sign of surprise or shock. The higher the eyebrows, the more surprised the person is. Funnily enough, raising your eyebrows is also a sign of being open to interaction and perhaps even a sign of attraction towards someone. The next time you spot someone with raised eyebrows, make sure to look in the same direction they’re looking in!

2. Lowered Down, Drawn Together Eyebrows

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Nothing says, “I’m mad at you!” like lowered down eyebrows that are drawn close together. Almost in an X format. vertical lines will also be created between someone’s eyebrows when they do this. Almost like wrinkles.

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