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13 Bad Work Habits That Make You Seem Unprofessional—and How to Break Them

By | Charlotte Hilton Andersen |

Even superstar employees can be guilty of these common bad work habits. Are you?

Ditch bad work habits

Using quirky office supplies. Writing in Comic Sans font in work emails. Putting over-the-top holiday decorations on full display on Zoom. These are just a few of the workplace habits that employees wonder about frequently, especially post-pandemic, according to business-management consultant Alison Green. Many of these issues aren’t a big deal (use your Pokémon mouse with pride!), but some bad work habits can definitely make others question your professionalism.

That said, this isn’t just about pleasing your boss or conveying a certain image so no one thinks you’re quiet quitting. Replacing bad work habits with good habits will also help you be a better co-workerbe more productive and help you feel more accomplished, relaxed and fulfilled in your job, Green says. Plus, learning etiquette rules is an important job skill that can help you get that promotion.

So, are you making any employment missteps? Scroll through to find out which habits you may need to tweak—or ditch altogether.

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