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13 Best Things You Can Do for Your Career Before the Year’s End

By | Stav Ziv |

There are 36 days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. This end-of-year stretch can feel like a black hole for your job search and career. But like an actual black hole, it only seems empty. In fact, it’s packed with opportunities.

We turned to our Muse coaches for their advice on what you can do for your job search, your career, and yourself during this holiday season—as we stare down another letter of the Greek alphabet (hi, omicron?), navigate the Great Resignation, and more.

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Here’s what they had to say (tips have been lightly edited for length and clarity).

1. Network

Network with your family and friends. Even if cousin Natalie isn’t in your industry, it’s who she might know that is just as important. Be sure to detail what you’re seeking. Give a bit of a roadmap, more detail than “Keep me in mind if you hear of anything.” —Muse career coach Tara Goodfellow, owner of Athena Consultants

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