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13 Characteristics of the Most Influential People

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Everyone has people in their life who have influenced their journey and their success. Whether it’s parents, teachers or mentors—they motivate you to keep pushing forward and achieve your dreams.

While influential people are all different on an individual level, they share a few common traits that help make them so inspirational. We asked the members of the Young Entrepreneur Council about the most influential people in their life and what characteristics set them apart.

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Here’s what they’ve looked for and identified in their role models:

1. They aim to help others succeed.

Oftentimes, we think influential individuals are the people we gravitate to, but it’s actually the opposite. Truly influential people train, empower, and create businesses and organizations that can operate and run without them—they put others in an opportunity to succeed, and help gravitate energy out instead of toward themselves.

Jason KhooZupo

2. They are charismatic.

The most influential people have mastered the art of charisma. They light up the room and automatically command respect from people the moment they walk in. One thing that sets them apart is their tendency to not follow the conventional norms, which can be seen in their body language, tonality and presence.

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