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13 little tricks confident women use to get ahead in life

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Confidence is key when it comes to getting ahead in life, especially if you’re a woman in a male-dominated setting. 

So, how exactly do confident women manage to stay on top? Are you ready to learn the little tricks that help them reach their goals? You’re in luck because that’s exactly what I’ll be talking about!

In this article, we’ll tackle 15 of these little tricks. Let’s dive right in and see how they can help you get ahead! 

1) They arrive early

Let’s begin with something that looks so mundane but actually does heaps to get you ahead. 

Being on time, or better yet, arriving early, to events doesn’t just make you look reliable and professional, as if you’ve got it all together. It actually does wonders for your state of mind because it eliminates the anxiety that comes with rushing and dashing. 

Think about it – when you’re running late, don’t you feel more frazzled and antsy? I’m sure there are times when you’ve sat in the car wondering if you didn’t forget anything. 

Preparing ahead and arriving early lets you say goodbye to all these worries. When you know you’ve got a bit of time to spare before the event starts, you can walk into the room feeling confident.  

2) They use body language to their advantage

This is a really powerful tool that can help us ladies get what we want. Knowing how to read and use body language in different situations allows us to figure out how to connect with someone better. 

For example, eye contact. Confident women know that maintaining good eye contact makes people warm up to them and trust them more. There’s nothing like knowing someone’s really seeing and listening to you! 

And let’s not forget about power posing! Power poses like standing in an assertive posture – with your shoulders back and chin up – can really improve performance in high-pressure situations. And that’s backed by science! 

Speaking of power poses, I should also tell you about the importance of power dressing… 

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