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13 Reasons To Offer Leadership Training And Development To Millennials

Source | | Forbes Coaches Council

With millennials entering the workforce and adding a new dimension to what employees want and need to be successful, employers need to consider new ways to retain this generation of employees and keep them engaged in their careers. Since millennials are the most connected generation of our times, there are limitless opportunities waiting for them should they find that they are not satisfied with their current role.

Millennials tend to seek constant feedback and are extremely confident in their abilities and career goals. If they are not getting what they need from their current employer they are quick to shift gears and use their connections to advance to a new position. Employers need to do their best to keep millennials challenged, and leadership development can help give them something to strive for.

Thirteen members of Forbes Coaches Council give reasons why organizations should provide training and leadership development opportunities to millennials even though it is not always easy to retain them. Here is what they had to say:

Members of Forbes Coaches Council share their insight.


1. Investment In The Future

Millennials have been characterized as “job-hoppers,” because of frequent career moves. Regardless of how long an employee will be with your company, you are investing in the future of not just your company, but in leadership. And, by giving anyone a chance to develop and succeed, you may be pleasantly surprised with a loyal, lifelong, committed employee and team member. – Billy Williams, Archegos

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