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13 signs of genuine intelligence that can’t be faked

By | Paul Brian |

What does it mean to be smart?

If you ask the average person they might say that being smart means understanding a lot about science, history or economics.

If you ask a farmer they might say being smart means knowing when to plant in the spring.

Here’s how to know true intelligence when you see it.

13 signs of genuine intelligence

1) You notice and remember details

The world inside and outside us is full of details.

Nature’s vivid colors, our own memories and sights, smells and sounds all weave into an amazing tapestry.

One of the clearest signs of genuine intelligence is that you notice the details along the way and are able to recall them as if they just happened.

This doesn’t always translate into a sharp memory in the intellectual sense.

It could just be that you distinctly remember the smell of the sea while you were on vacation with your parents as a youngster.

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