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13 Smart Ways Businesses Are Leveraging Tech In HR

Source | | Forbes Human Resources Council

Technological advancements have made doing business very easy. Database recording, cloud processing and remote work solutions have all but changed the way many human resources departments do business. However, the needs of most HR departments are unique.

While there are obvious general tech solutions that cover particular requirements, there are other more specific solutions that departments should seek for the problems they face. Like most things in HR, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

To help, 13 members of Forbes Human Resources Council examine the ways they use tech in their companies, and how leveraging the right technology makes their HR departments more efficient and effective at what they do.

Members share the top ways today's businesses are leveraging technology for human resources.


1. Analyzing Performance

We are using technology to measure and analyze employee performance. By moving to an annual online performance review, we are able to better manage employee goals and evaluate their progress throughout the year. We are also able to communicate much easier with employees about their goals by moving performance appraisals online, so they can view their performance year-over-year. – Michele Markey, SkillPath

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