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13 things naturally classy people avoid doing in the workplace

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Classy coworkers are always a joy to work with. Not only are they reliable, they’re also the least annoying people to be with.

But what makes them this way?

Well, it’s because there’s many little things they REFUSE to do.

If you want to be a little classier, here are the things you must avoid doing in the workplace:

1) Shouting in the hallway

Classy people are mindful of the people around them and will never raise their voice at work.

They know better than to disrupt the focus of people trying to get their work done, messing up presentations, and annoying people trying to enjoy their noon break.

If they need someone’s attention, they’ll just try to message that person or walk up to them.

The only exceptions are when there’s some kind of emergency that demands it like a colleague suffering from heart attack or someone stealing their wallet.

2) Getting involved in office gossip

Engaging with gossip at work might seem like a good way to bond with your coworkers. Talking trash about others can make you all feel like you have something in common.

But the problem with it is that it’s simply unprofessional.

Why is it anyone’s business if Bob from marketing was cheating on his wife, or if Martha from accounting hasn’t been brushing her teeth?

It might feel harmless to talk about these “small” things, but classy people will refuse to get involved no matter how “juicy” the gossip might get.

They instead try to uphold professionality even though people might call them boring or a killjoy for it.

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