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13 traits of a high-quality elegant woman we can all learn from

By | Lachlan Brown |

There’s something unique about her.

You can tell she isn’t the type to just want to “hang out” and watch TV on the couch all day.

She’d rather socialize with ambitious and dynamic types.

And when it’s her turn to pick where to have dinner, you know the food is going to be exquisite.

She wasn’t the type of person you “picked up” on a drunken Friday night; you really had to prove yourself to her.

Now you notice how mature and honest she is.

Here are 12 signs that let you know that you’re dealing with a high-quality elegant woman.

1. She Never Forgets to say Please and Thank You

You might have already been used to being so casual with your friends that you’ve forgotten what real manners look like.

When you sit in a restaurant together, and order, she always says “Please,”and “Thank you.”

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