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13 ways to show you’re a smart person without saying a word

By | Paul Brian |

When somebody speaks you can often get a quick sense of their intelligence. 

But there are also ways to convey your smarts without saying a single word. 

This can be especially powerful and effective in social and career situations. 

Here’s how… 

1) Take care of yourself

Smart people look after themselves in every possible way. 

This means they respect their appearance, their health, their time and their style.

If you want to demonstrate intelligence, look after yourself.

Practice good hygiene, comb or brush your hair, keep facial hair trimmed and dress well. 

Smart people look after themselves, simple as that. 

2) Make eye contact 

The next key habit to pick up is to look people in the eyes. 

Making eye contact shows both confidence and intelligence. 

Avoidance of eye contact, by contrast, shows a lack of self-esteem, guilt or some kind of reservation. 

You don’t need to have a staring contest, but do your best to look people in the eye when you meet them and when they’re talking to you. 

It’s a great habit to have and demonstrates self-worth and smarts. 

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