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14 Mistakes Leaders Make That Undermine Employee Trust

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Workplaces that innovate require employees to trust those above them in the hierarchy. If an employee feels their idea may become co-opted, they are far less likely to talk about their plans. The same goes for if they think that their superiors will take the credit for their work. Trust is therefore an essential element when building a culture of innovation. 

Sadly, some leaders make mistakes that can severely impact the trust of employees. Here, 14 leaders from Forbes Communications Council discuss the most common errors higher-ups in companies make and suggest improvements they can take to reverse or mitigate the damage of their mistakes. 

1. Not Aligning Talk And Action

Unfortunately, it’s common in many organizations where what is communicated and the actions of leaders are totally different. This is out of integrity and, therefore, undermines trust, which is not conducive to an open, innovative culture. Create transparency and build a reputation of following through on decisions. Innovation is a natural byproduct of openness. – Jessica Marie

2. Lack Of Transparency

Particularly in today’s environment, transparency is paramount to creating trust. Leaders should share how the firm is doing, an important factor as business and go-to-customer models are changing rapidly.

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