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14 personality traits of a highly creative person

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Highly creative people can be quite different from one another, but there are some things that they have in common.

It’s these things that set them apart from the rest. And the surprising thing is that even if you aren’t the naturally creative kind, trying to adapt these traits can help you become one.

Here are 14 personality traits of a highly creative person:

1) They think for themselves

If there’s anything that the most creative people have in common, it’s that they hate conformity.

This doesn’t mean that they’ll rebel against the majority consensus every time, of course. They’re quite aware that contrarianism will just lead them to another kind of conformity.

Instead they do their best to think for themselves and question everything— even (or especially) things that other people think should not be questioned. They keep themselves aware of how society might pressure them to think a certain way, and question it.

This is an incredibly important value for creatives, because it’s in this unrestrained freedom of thought that creativity truly has the opportunity to shine… and not when it’s caged by a need to conform.

2) They’re highly sensitive

So even if they don’t give a damn about what others have to say about them, they’re highly sensitive.

This is their gift and their curse.

They can feel things with more intensity than the normal individual, and this can make them prone to depression and anxiety if they haven’t trained themselves to process things in a healthier way.

But this same trait also fuels their fire.

Because of their sensitivity, they’re driven to create works of art that can make us get a glimpse of what they’re seeing and feeling.

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