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14 rare traits that set extraordinary people apart

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Most of us are taught to stick to the status quo.

We’re told to follow the safe path in life: go to school, find a stable job, then wait till we’re senior citizens before we can start living life on our own terms.

But others are different.

Some look at the way things are and decide to make their own path.

They don’t rely on luck for success; they take the initiative to hunt for opportunities.

By doing this, they set themselves apart to potentially find better ways to achieve their goals in life.

While these people tend to be one of a kind, here are 14 of the traits they tend to share.

1. They Get Their Foot in the Door

While luck does play a role in success, nothing is going to happen if the person doesn’t work hard for it.

Someone could catch their big break but be so unprepared as to squander the opportunity.

Besides learning and improving their skills and abilities, extraordinary people go out and make their own luck.

They meet new people, try to form new relationships, and acquire a wealth of life experience.

That way, they not only increase the amount of places opportunity might appear, but they’ll also be ready for it when it does.

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