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14 rules elegant men follow to elevate their life

By | Lachlan Brown |

Elegance is one of those well-known but little-understood qualities that we just know someone has, even without prompting.

It’s something that you or I can usually just recognize, even if you can’t immediately put your finger on the specifics of what makes them so elegant.

But even with that limitation, everyone knows that there’s nothing quite like an elegant man: which makes this characteristic a great thing to have.

But what exactly makes an elegant man?

As someone who knows a few elegant men myself, here are some rules that all of them have in common:

1) Confident, Not Arrogant

The very first thing that a lot of people notice about an elegant man is his confidence.

An elegant man’s confidence isn’t something that announces itself like cockiness or arrogance – an elegant man’s confidence just “is.”

A lot of people think that this is limited to clothing choices.

But in my experience, the confidence of an elegant man isn’t something limited to their fashion sense.

Confidence is apparent in everything that they do, outside and including what they wear.

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