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14 signs you’re an ambitious person (who some mistake as arrogant)

By | Jelena Dincic |

Do you think of yourself as ambitious only to have other people think of you as arrogant?

Here’s the thing: people often confuse the two because they have some things in common.

Both ambitious and arrogant people are focused, driven, and determined.

Being ambitious is a positive quality – it means you’re focused on achieving success, whereas arrogance is quite off-putting – it means you feel like you’re better than everyone else.

Let’s take a look at 14 signs that you’re an ambitious (and not arrogant) person:

1) You’re always striving to go above and beyond what is expected

Now, you can see why this might be mistaken for arrogance.

Picture this: Every time there’s something that needs to get done at work, you not only get it done, but you go out of your way to give 110%.

There’s no “doing the bare minimum” with you. You’re a perfectionist and you’re ambitious, so it’s only natural that yo’d want your boss to notice how good a job you’re doing.

But how do you think it looks to your co-workers?

They just wanna get the job done and go home, but then you come along giving it your all and they think you’re just “showing off”.

2) You’re willing to put in the hard work to realize your goal

Maybe your co-workers aren’t very ambitious – or not as ambitious as you are – and they just want to get their 9-17h done and go home to their families.

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