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14 Tech Leaders Share Questions That Tell Them A Lot About Job Candidates

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To gain true insight into whether a job candidate is a fit for an open role in your company, an interview has to be more than a résumé review or a rundown of a skills checklist. It needs to be a conversation in which both people get to know each other and learn what the other party will bring to the relationship.

These conversations can seem more challenging in a Zoom-first world, where it’s more difficult to read body language and other cues to get a sense of someone’s personality. That’s why it’s important to ask the right questions — questions that will draw the candidate out and give a glimpse into their potential to both meet the demands of the role and become a valued team member.

The industry leaders of Forbes Technology Council have plenty of experience interviewing job candidates to join their teams. Below, they share 14 questions they ask in interviews that can give a real insight into the mind and potential of a job candidate.

1. ‘Describe a time you failed at something.’

I ask every candidate to walk me through a time when they failed at something. I find that it provides some unique insights into both the candidate’s posture toward failing intelligently as well as their ability to recover, learn the right lessons, regroup and get back to productive work. It also enables conversations around workplace behaviors, teamwork, strengths and growth opportunities. – Daniela MoodyArturo.AI

2. ‘What are you learning?’

When I interview any tech applicant I always round it off by asking, “What are you learning?” The answer usually reveals whether the candidate has the attitude of a true techie. In my opinion, it’s the one who is constantly learning something who is curious by nature. – Suresh Chintada, Subex

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