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14 things cool people always do (but never talk about)

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What does it mean to be “cool”?

We all know what “cool” is in school – the cool kids with the expensive clothes who had their own clique, and were oftentimes bullies to everyone else.

But there’s a difference between schoolyard cool and real-world cool.

Real cool is almost totally the opposite: someone welcoming and open, warm and kind, effortlessly independent and capable in whatever they do, wherever they go.

Being cool means being authentically you, and not letting anyone else define who you are.

Here are 14 traits that make a person cool:

1) They Define Their Own Energy

When you walk into a crowded room, what do you do?

You might try to feel the energy out first before engaging or interacting with anyone, hoping that you don’t get noticed before you understand the vibe of the crowd.

A cool person doesn’t care about that at all.

They’re not worried about what other people think or what other people are doing; they live by their own rules at all times.

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