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15 bad things that happen when you’re too nice

By | Paul Brian |

We all love nice people, at least I do.

But there is such a thing as being “too nice.”

We all know that person who bends over backward and does anything for other people but forgets to look after themselves.

There are many things that can go wrong when you’re too nice.

Here’s a list.

15 bad things that happen when you’re too nice

1) Your time gets wasted

Being too nice can lead to a lot of wasted time.

There’s all the polite greetings and making sure everyone is doing just perfect in every situation, but then there’s also all the added burdens everyone throws on you.

  • Talking about their problems
  • Bringing up work issues with you
  • Expecting you to deal with family drama
  • Asking you for help on topics you don’t even know about
  • And so on…

Those extra times you agree to go pick up a friend’s kids or clean the house for your friend all add up.

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