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The 15 Best Books for Creative Inspiration

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Occasionally, we have moments where it seems our creativity has run dry. Rather than stare at the flashing cursor on your computer screen, step away from your work space. Redirect your energy to something that will refresh your mind. Go for a walk, immerse yourself in something new, or dive into a good book.

A good, motivational story about how someone else found happiness or success can help you find your drive again. To find a perfect fit, scroll through the visual list below of best books for creatives compiled by Invaluable. Scan the descriptions and meaningful quotes to see what best suits your needs.

Here are a few key takeaways gathered from the books above:

  • Avoid assumptions and fight your own ignorance.
  • Continue learning.
  • Remain positive.
  • Find beauty in the mundane.
  • Examine your fears and learn to overcome them.
  • Question yourself through self-analysis.
  • Simplify.

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