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15 Front-End Interview Questions You Can’t Ignore

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Welcome to Part-2 of our Interview Question Series.

In one of our previous articles, we had our say about what sort of questions one should ask in an interview. In the Part-1 of our Interview Question Series, we gave you a list of questions which you could pose to your Back-end developers in an interview. Now it is our turn to pick the most suitable questions you can ask a Front-End Developer during interviews.

And this time, we are not only giving you topics, but we have handpicked the questions from which you can choose.

General front-end based questions

It is always ideal to start with testing the basic understanding level of the person you interview. We have shortlisted the kind of questions with which you can begin prodding.

  1. Explain some of the pros and cons of CSS animations versus JavaScript animations.
  2. Can you describe the difference between progressive enhancement and graceful degradation?

Front-end questions related to Testing

These days, you expect every developer to at least know the basics of testing and write code while testing it for various parameters. Questions can range from functionality to Use Case testing with Documentation. You can pick out questions like this:

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