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15 High-Paying Jobs That Are Great for Career Changers

By | Katherine J. Igoe |

As a person who changed careers six times before age 35, I am proof that drastic pivots are possible. From an initial trajectory in art business, then a transition to IT and banking due to the Great Recession of 2008, to a final switch to writing and communications, each change got me closer to professional fulfillment.

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If you’ve decided you’re also interested in moving to a new role, field, and/or industry, a career change is absolutely possible. This is particularly relevant now that the pandemic has brought about changes in mindset, priorities, and workflow, with lasting impacts on how people navigate their careers—and what they want from their work lives.

Fortunately, a career change doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to “start over” by taking a job with entry-level pay.

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