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15 phrases to ban from your vocab to look smarter

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We’re all influenced by who’s around us and the way they speak. 

This unfortunately means that there are many phrases that enter our vocabulary that make us look immature, unintelligent and basic. 

The solution is to become aware of these subpar phrases and stop using them. 

Here are the top 15 phrases to ban from your vocab to look smarter.

1) “No offense.”

When you say “no offense” it does two things:

It makes you look insincere and cowardly

If you say something that is potentially offensive, own it. 

No offense is sometimes used as a prefix or as a suffix.

For example:

“No offense, but I think the guy you’re dating is kind of weird.”


“Your job honestly makes no sense to me. It kind of seems, I dunno, fake?… Like what do you actually do? No offense.” 

Adding “no offense” after saying something offensive is fake and snarky. 

Adding “no offense” after saying something that isn’t offensive makes you come off as overly scared to upset someone.

Conclusion: leave off “no offense.” 

2) “Actually…”

Saying “actually” as an interruption word or to argue with someone is very cringe. 

In fact, it’s so cringe that it even became an internet meme of “Akhsually…” 

If you disagree with somebody just go ahead and say it. 

There’s no need to play a Harvard professor educating everyone about their ignorance. 

There are some situations where actually is a necessary word and may be the most useful one to use. 

But more often than not, you’re actually using actually as a filler word or as a way to sound smarter and better than others. 

Try to minimize usage of the word “actually.” 

It’s vastly overused and usually not necessary. 

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