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15 signs you have a strong character that some people mistake for arrogance

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I’m all too aware that I have a strong character. At times, I’ve wished this wasn’t the case.

Because it can mean people tend to either love me or hate me.

A strong personality, unlike an agreeable one, struggles to sit in the grey area.

Our traits and characteristics may be palatable to some, but leave a sour taste for others.

This strength of character can often be mistaken for arrogance.

And here’s why…

1) You have strong opinions and you’re not afraid to share them

Being opinionated always runs the risk of being read as arrogance.

That’s because people misunderstand.

You’re not suggesting that your opinions are better than anyone else. But you do believe they are just as valid.

So you aren’t shy about sharing them.

You think it’s perfectly reasonable to offer up your thoughts on a matter. After all, what people choose to do with that information is up to them.

2) You are animated and enthusiastic in conversations

Being animated in itself is great, but it can come across as overbearing at times.

Perhaps it can mean you get carried away or inadvertently take over. Other people who have different communication styles may feel their voice gets lost.

I have a bit of an ugly habit that I’m not proud of (and am certainly trying to be more mindful of).

I can get so engaged in a conversation that I talk far too much, or worse, jump in before someone else has finished.

For sure, that’s not good.

But rather than come from arrogance, I know it comes from genuine excitement and enthusiasm for what we’re discussing.

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