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15 signs you’re a “good kind of introvert” and you don’t need to change at all

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Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, and Meryl Streep. What do these 4 people have in common? Aside from being iconic cultural figures, they are all identified introverts.

Not all introverts are alike. Introversion is often mistaken for being shy or lacking social skills.

In fact, according to a study, introverts are capable of holding conversations and interacting with people — they simply would prefer not to, most of the time.

Another study found that there are at least 4 kinds of introversion: social, thinking, anxious, and inhibited. Some are either daydreamers, awkward, quiet, or contemplative.

While it may be difficult to classify yourself to any single one, here are 16 common behaviors that most introverts share.

1. You’d Rather Spend Your Time Alone

One of the defining traits of an introvert is how comfortable they are when it’s just them in the room.

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